PVC Pipes and Fittings

PVC Pressure Pipes

Lamasat (uPVC Pressure Pipe SABS 966 Part 1) and Aqua-Wall (mPVC Pressure Pipes SANS 966 Part 2) may be specified with confidence for pumping mains and reticulation networks. They have, for many years, been successfully applied in civil, effluent, purification, irrigation and industrial appliactions.

Hydro-Wall (uPVC) and Aqua-Wall (mPVC) pressure pipes are manufactured to, and carry the SABS Mark for SANS 966 Parts 1 and 2 respectively. Customers are therefore assured of consistently high quality pipes manufactured in an ISO 001 accredited factory with a design life of 50 years and substantial safety factor at the end of that period.

Feature and benefits of our PVC Pressure Pipes include:
Low Mass: Ease of handling, reduced installation time, reduced transport costs.
Corrosion Resistance: Long, maintenance free life span.
Abrasion Resistance: Excellent life span when pumping slurries.
Smooth Bore: Excellent flow characteristics, lower pumping costs.
Resilience: Minimal handling damage, minimal installation damage.
Wavisafe Z-Lok Joint: Easy, effective, dependable joints.

A wide range of complimentary fittings are available for use with Hydro-Wall and Aqua-Wall pressure pipes. For sizes up to 250mm diameter, there are PVC bends, sockets and adapters as well as a wide variety of SG iron fittings. Larger sizes can be catered for from a selection of plain ended fabricated steel fittings in conjuction with Viking Johnson couplings.

Our PVC fittings include:
PVC Bends.
PVC Double Sockets.
SG Iron Fittings.
SG Iron Scour Tees.
SG Iron Reducing Tees.
SG Iron Reducers.
SG Iron Saddles.
Resilient Seal Gate Valves. 

PVC Pressure Manual

Our PVC Pressure Pipe manual will take you through the various types of PVC pipes we have on offer and their use-cases...



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