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Lamasat International was first registered as a manufacturing company back in 2002, Initially the company was producing piping and polypropylene bags but has expanded significantly over the past 15 years.

About Lamasat

Lamasat International was first registered as a manufacturing company back in 2002, Initially the company was producing piping and polypropylene bags but has expanded significantly over the past 15 years.

As the company grew, so did the range of products, Lamasat has over 10 different departments all specializing in a product range. The diverse range of products has allowed Lamasat to cater to several industries such as Mines, Construction, Plumbing, Home Improvement as well as domestic users.

The company was officially opened by the late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, SC (MHSRIP) in 2003 and since its inception the company has grown with investments of over US$ 150 Million.

The Government of the republic of Zambia has continued to show support for the company as well as other entities such as the ZDA who have supported foreign investments. Lamasat prides its self with quality and perfection in all aspects of the business environment, the organization has invested heavily to ensure that the products are of high standards and meet all statutory requirements such as SABS/SANS Standards, ISO and ASTM standards.

Our mission is to provide excellence and quality in everything we do. We plan to keep getting better and improving our service delivery so as to better serve our clients.

Our vision to be a no-compromise company that strives for excellence in everything we do.
Excellence and Innovation built into every design.
We're constantly improving our service delivery.
World class quality.

Mohamad Ahmad

Mohamad Ahmad - Founder & Chairman

Our History

Mr. Mohamad Ahmad is the Founder and Chairman of Lamasat International Limited.

After moving to Zambia in 1990 he was quickly swept into the world of business. During the early 1990’s he was involved in the manufacturing of plastic products, he later got involved in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) supported by the Government of the Republic of Zambia, through the development and construction of the now famous multi-billion “Town Centre Market”.

As the years went by he developed and nurtured many valuable and high-level business relations and in 2003 he officially opened Lamasat International. With his Experience, Determination and Strong Business Knowledge he has successfully built a company with value well above USD 100 Million.

With the help of his brothers, Mr. Mohammed has continued to expand the horizon of the company while maintaining high quality products throughout all departments.

Employee Distribution

Employee Distribution

Employee Distribution

Lamasat has contributed extensively in the efforts to create jobs as well as support government efforts to reduce unemployment rates in Zambia by employing over 800 employees.

The company has a low employee turnover and has employees that have been working since the initial opening of the company.

Creating jobs.
Reducing unemployment.
Empowering youths.

Employee Distribution


Each department has skilled and general employees and encourages employees to be educated in their department and have extensive knowledge with the machinery they work with.

All departments are overlooked by supervisors who ensure workflow is safe and efficient.

Supervisors in every department.
Efficient workflow.
Skilled employees.


Employee Distribution Chart

You can have a look at how our employees are distributed in various departments in this image.

Our Directors

Founder & Chairman
Managing Director
Director - Aluminium Department
Director - Mining Operations
Director - Lamasat Coatings

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our passion for service includes a commitment to the community we live and work in, and our pledge to do all we can to help our society. In the past, some of the activities to serve our community include the construction of an ultra modern police station in Chawama.

In 2013, our company under its own cost undertook the construction of the Chawama Police Station into a modern police facility. As another way of expressing its corporate social responsibility. The police station was officially opened by the Minister of Home Affairs, Honorable Edger Chagwa Lungu, now President of the Republic of Zambia (2019).

Social Responsibility

Donation of 1000 Balls to FAZ

In 2012, as part of our corporate social responsibility and in celebration of the success of the Zambia National Football team (Chipolopolo) at the 2012 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament, Lamasat International donated about 1,000 footballs to the Football Association of Zambia for their use in the development of soccer across the country. Our company has undertaken a number of other corporate social responsibility initiatives such as sponsorship of the 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations, donations to charities and so on.

Social Responsibility

Fountain of Hope Orphanage

We also took up a responsibility to repaint Fountain of Hope Orphanage in Kabwata where a number of kids have found a home, as Lamasat this gesture to create a clean and happy environment did not end at Fountain of Hope, but was extended to Kamwala and Kabwata Market where a handful of buckets of paint were delivered at the lowest price our products would. This was to ease financial costs.



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